Public Amenities

Public Amenities Available to Everyone

Alchemy includes three publicly-accessible amenities that are available to everyone, not just the residents, to use and enjoy. We are very proud to offer these public amenities as part of an In-Kind Agreement, in lieu of paying a required development impact fee to the City and County of San Francisco. The Alchemy team, alongside City agencies and various community groups, worked together to determine what types of public spaces would be best suited to the site, and also the community at large. 


Waller Park


Waller Park is a one-acre publicly accessible open space that runs through the property from Buchanan Street to Laguna Street, and helps to connect the Lower Haight neighborhood to Market Street. Come experience this space by hanging out at the picnic tables and benches scattered throughout the park, on the stairs and amphitheater seating, or simply use it to walk between neighborhoods. The views from any point are awesome! And bike racks are also available at each end.  

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The Community Garden

The Community Garden is accessible to the public and features 56 plots available to any resident of San Francisco. Eager to exercise your green thumb, and garden within the city? Please email us to learn more about the gardening program, and have your name added to the waitlist for a plot. The Community Garden is open for everyone to enjoy, and anyone is welcome to have a picnic on the grass in the plum tree orchard there. 

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Haight Street Art Center

The Haight Street Art center is a public nonprofit art gallery and state-of-the-art printmaking studio that offers museum-caliber art exhibits, printing classes, demonstrations, and workshops, in addition to a variety of community events. HSAC's dynamic exhibition spaces, and their acclaimed assortment of art shows, excite and delight visitors of all ages, residents and tourists alike, master artists, and novices. The Center is a must-see example of public art's ability to attract, inform, and connect people, and a geniuine cultural foundation for community in San Francisco. HSAC is located in a  renovated historic building at 215 Haight Street. To learn more about the enter and its free, public programming, please visit the website provided in the link below. 

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Public Amenities Hours

Waller Park: 7 AM - 7 PM (October 1st - March 31st); 7 AM - 9 PM (April 1st - September 31st)


The Community Garden: Open Daily, from dawn until dusk


Haight Street Art Center: 11 AM - 5 PM, Wednesday through Sunday


Rules (Waller Park & Community Garden)

  • No Smoking & No Skateboarding
  • Leashed Dogs Welcome

Please click below for more information on the In-Kind Agreements and partnerships with the City of San Francisco:

In-Kind Agreement (12/14/2012) 

Waller Park Operations Plan (3/22/2016)

Community Garden Operations Plan (3/22/2016)

Haight Street Art Center (Woods Hall Annex) Operations Plan (5/19/2016)


The Evolution of Alchemy

Alchemy, located at 200 Buchanan Street, was once the campus of several educational institutions, including the San Francisco Normal School (1899 – 1921), San Francisco State Teacher’s College (1921 – 1935), San Francisco State College (1935 – 1957), University of California Berkeley Laguna Extension (1957 – 2001), and the French-American International School (1973-2003). A series of information display boards, located throughout the property at 200 Buchanan Street / 55 Laguna Street, describe the history of the campus, its occupants, its buildings, and the Works Progress Administration artists that adorned the buildings.

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