Winter is Coming:
5 Tips to Prepare Your Apartment for Cold Weather

By Holland Residential
Posted 1/15/2018

Do you have trouble keeping your apartment warm in the wintertime? Tired of wearing heavy wool socks to bed and wallet crushing utility bills?

Here are a few simple ways to keep your apartment warm without breaking the bank.

    1. 1. Reverse Your Ceiling Fans

Ever notice that small switch on the side of your ceiling fan? Most people haven’t, much less give a second thought as to what it does.

Flip that switch and you’ll change the rotation of your fan to pull air upwards rather than push it down into the room.

Ceilin Fan

When running at low speeds this actually, pulls the cooler air upwards while dispersing the warm air at the top of the room out toward the walls and then downward.

This warms the room without cooling the wind-chill effect of running the fan forward.

    1. 2. Use Draft Stoppers

While many new apartment buildings feature inward-facing entries like a hotel, those of us living with immediate access to outside need to plan for the inevitable draft of cold air sneaking in under the door.

Do your bare feet a favor and get a Draft Stopper. These simple devices can easily be found online or even made at home from an old long sleeve shirt.

Amazon’s Best Selling Draft Stoppers

Filled with foam, beans, rice, or even cat litter, place the stopper over the small gap in windows or doors to help keep the cold out and the heat in. These little gems not only help keep you warm but have even been found to help save your money on your energy bill.

Plus, for those living in apartments in Denver or other cities with high fluctuations in temperature, a draft stopper is quick and easy to remove and store for when it warms up.

If you notice more severe drafts or small cracks or gaps near your windows, submit a maintenance request right away. The longer you wait, the more you’ll have to spend on heating.

    1. 3. Consider Installing Insulated Curtains

Everyone loves big windows letting in tons of natural light. Unfortunately, all that glass also makes your apartment feel much colder in the winter months.

One of the best ways to help keep that warm air in and the cold air out is to invest in insulated curtains.

Obviously, not all curtains are created equal and you should try to stay away from lightweight materials like lace if you want to keep the cold at bay. Instead, look for dense materials like velvet, tapestry, denim, or suede.

If that’s not enough, consider adding a Pelmet to the top of your curtain rod. The pelmet blocks warm air from dropping behind the curtain and recirculating cold air back into the room.

Warm Curtains

    1. 4. Try a Humidifier

Ever wonder why your skin feels rougher in winter? Or while congestion and allergies flare up around the holidays? Good news: it’s not your imagination. It’s the humidity (or lack thereof).

The truth is, cold air holds less moisture than warm air, leading to dry skin, sinus congestion, and even increased likelihood of getting a cold or the flu according to a study in 2013.


To remedy, consider getting a humidifier to run during cold months. Not only do they reduce the discomfort of dry air, but they increase the efficiency of your heating system - as humid air conducts heat easier than dry air.

For best results, look for a warm-mist humidifier. These devices boil the water before releasing it into your home, helping to reduce possible contamination.

  1. 5. Prepare an Emergency Kit

With winter weather comes the increased likelihood of an extended power outage or getting snowed in. Better to prepare now than wait until it’s too late.

You'll want to include the following basic items:

  1. 1. Flashlight with extra batteries

  2. 2. Basic First Aid items (Band-aids, Bandages, Aspirin, and Neosporin)

  3. 3. Bottled Water

  4. 4. Candles and Matches

  5. 5. Car Charger for Cell Phones

  6. 6. Manual Can Opener

Emergency Kit

But did you know there are also many items you likely already have around that are perfect for emergency situations?

Garbage bags can be used for an emergency raincoat, insulation, water collector, and of course, storing garbage and waste. Cat Litter is ideal for helping give traction on icy roads or paths and can also be used to absorb moisture and odor from wet gear. Just fill a sock with some non-perfumed kitty litter and store it near your smelly boots. Baking Soda can be mixed with water to help treat common stomach aches, or even applied locally to soothe bug bites, mild burns, and irritants. Just mix ½ tsp. per 8 oz. of water. Naturally, you’ll always want to keep some extra blankets for warmth in case you do lose power.

There you have it: 5 easy steps to help get you through a cold winter in your apartment. Don’t forget to make sure your renter’s insurance is up to date and be sure to check in with your property manager before making major changes to your apartment. Stay Safe and stay warm!

Warm feet in front of fireplace

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