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7 Pro Tips for Decorating & Organizing Smaller Spaces

By Holland Residential
Posted 1/31/2018

Urban living has some incredible perks. Immediate access to shopping, dining, and work can change your lifestyle tremendously. However, all those urban conveniences often means sacrificing square footage - but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style.

Below are our 7 professional tips for decorating and organizing smaller urban apartments, condos, and lofts.


    • 1. Embrace Sleek Furniture

European style or Mid Century Modern furniture typically feature low profiles, clean lines, and bold colors – perfect for smaller spaces where bulky pieces simply won't fit. Long-legged furniture also shows more of your floors, making the space appear larger.

    • 2. Use Mirrors Strategically

A well-placed mirror can do wonders for creating the feeling of open space. Leverage light from windows or lighting fixtures to help brighten up darker corners or hallways.

    • 3. Utilize Open Shelving

A simple set of multi-purpose shelving along a kitchen wall is an easy solution to both limited cabinet space and filing empty wall space. Open shelves allow light the pass through, keeping the room open, but still allows for storage. Be careful to avoid clutter – overstuffed shelves can easily overwhelm an area.

    • 4. Go Vertical

Leverage as much vertical space as you can. Utilize vertical lines and patterns to draw the eye upward. You can also hang extra-long curtains above your windows to make the room feel even larger.

    • 5. Employ Multi-Use Furniture

A simple rolling cart can be a priceless addition to any floor plan. These handy devices can easily be converted into extra counter space, a desk, or even a rolling bar cart. The possibilities are endless!

    • 6. Keep it Simple

Too much furniture or too many knick-knacks can easily overwhelm a small space – making it feel cramped. Be conscious of what you choose to display and balance open space with functional items.

    • 7. Think Outside the Square

Rounded furniture takes up less space than their square counterparts and are also easier to fit into a variety of spaces. A simple, bistro-style, round table is an elegant alternative to a large formal dining table.

When it comes to decorating, everyone has an opinion - but in the end, it's your feelings that matter most. Choosing the right paint or furniture should ultimately come down to what works best for you and your own personal style. Our biggest piece of advice? Don't be afraid to experiment and have fun. Your apartment or loft should be your sanctuary, not a chore.

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