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The Complete Apartment Moving Guide - 2018 Edition

By Holland Residential
Posted 2/16/2018

Moving can be one of the most stressful and hectic periods, while at the same time feel liberating and exciting. Fortunately, with proper planning you can mitigate the stress and focus on the future! Follow our comprehensive moving guide to make sure moving into your next apartment goes off without a hitch!

  • 60+ Days Before the Move:

  • Give your notice to your current landlord. Some leases require 30-days notice, others require more, so be sure to check your lease well in advance.

  • If you painted your apartment, check your lease for the policy on move-outs. Some may require you to paint it back to the original color or pay to have it done.

  • Get organized! Weigh the cost and benefits of using a moving company versus a DIY move. You should also start making a list of who you’ll need to notify of your change of addresses. Common ones are:

    • Utilities

    • Bank

    • Doctor

    • Employers

    • Recurring Subscriptions

  • 30+ days before the move:

  • Request time off work if needed. Moving has a funny way of taking longer than expected and it’s always nice to take a day to rest after moving.

  • Reach out to friends for help if you’re doing a DIY move. The promise of pizza and drinks can be a powerful tool.

  • Start eating your perishable foods to reduce how much you need to move later. If possible, adjust your shopping habits too so you won’t need to throw away as much later.

  • Get boxes, tape, and bubble wrap early. Having boxes around early means you can start passively packing in your spare time. Start with non-essential items like books, photo albums, or decor.

  • If you decide that hiring movers are worth the cost, go ahead and make your appointment.

  • Contact your utility companies and notify them of your moving dates and your new address.

Taping a packed moving box

  • 14+ Days Before The Move:

  • Bump up your packing tempo. We recommend packing and cleaning room by room, ensuring you label all your boxes clearly to make unpacking easier.

  • Plan ahead for heavy items. Considering ordering Forearm Forklift Straps or a Dolly. You and your friends will appreciate your preparedness!

  • 7+ Day Before The Move:

  • Finish packing all your non-essential belongings. Make sure to keep out priority items such as clothes for the week, basic kitchenware (or use paper plates instead), toiletries, toilet paper, and cleaning supplies.

  • Confirm your moving date with your movers and your new apartment.

  • Submit a change of address form to the US Postal Service. You can usually set the date of activation in advance, so you don’t have to worry about it while unpacking at your new place.

  • The Night Before:

  • Clean out remaining perishable food you didn’t eat and don’t plan to move.

  • Take out your trash and recycling.

  • Finish cleaning all remaining rooms, countertops, drawers, and floors. Refer to your lease or ask your leasing office for guidelines on cleaning.

  • Pack your “essentials” box – which should be opened first at your new place.

    • Bedding

    • Phone chargers

    • Toiletries

    • Medication

    • Pet food

  • Get a good night’s sleep – you’ll need your energy!

  • Moving Day: Your Old Place

  • Don’t forget to eat! The morning of a move can be so busy that people often forget or run out of time.

  • Clear the path to your truck or vehicle, opening any doors and gates along the way.

  • Load your vehicle strategically. A truck can quickly fill up if you just toss items in. Load bulky and heavy items on the bottom, filling in any gaps with smaller boxes. Keep fragile items on top or nest them into empty drawers.

  • Once everything is loaded in the vehicle, use ropes or straps to make sure everything is secure and won't slide around when driving.

  • Once packed, do a final cleaning and inspection of your old apartment. Take photos on your way out for your own documentation.

  • Return any keys, fobs, and garage door openers to your landlord or leasing office. Also, make sure they have your new forwarding address.

overpacked car

  • Moving Day: Your New Place

  • If you don’t already have them, pick up your keys from your new leasing office. Try to do this as soon as you arrive so your movers and friends aren’t waiting unnecessarily.

  • Take pictures of your new place before moving your belongings in – ensuring any potential maintenance issues are documented. Some apartments may do a joint walk-through upon your arrival.

  • Clear the path from the moving truck to your new home. Again, open any doors and gates along the way. Don’t forget: just because it’s your moving day, other residents still need to get in and out easily. Be considerate when parking your truck or vehicle.

  • Unload each box into directly its respective room (based on the labeling you did earlier) to help save you time later in the day.

  • Pay your movers and/or thank your friends with delicious pizza and drinks.

Now settle in, catch your breath, and enjoy your new apartment!

happy couple on moving day

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