Live the Life

You’ve earned it. Be pampered a little bit more. Enjoy great food, entertainment and activities. Ask yourself what you are most looking forward to in life. Are you seeking a carefree lifestyle built around freedom and resort living year-round? Or looking to enjoy some spectacular dining? Whatever it is, the lifestyle that will suit your tastes and aspirations is at Domaine at Villebois. It is a vibrant residential environment, parks and private recreation offer a host of amenities to play, exercise and socialize. An expansive 500-acre community with local stores, services and the farmer’s market just blocks away.

The Great Outdoors, Right at Home

Domaine at Villebois is in the embrace of natural space with over a dozen neighborhood parks and counting, Villebois extensive and well-planned outdoor living space unfolds. In Villebois there are rocks to scale, ropes to climb and fields to run and play. Embracing the sophisticated and the free spirit alike, Villebois offers bocce ball and fountains, basketball and volleyball, sand parks and play structures and more.

Great Outdoors

Wellness at Domaine at Villebois

Domaine at Villebois is one of the healthiest places to live. Early morning laps, late afternoon poolside naps and everything beautifully summer in between. At the Villebois’ Community Center the rise of summer sun breathes life on an Olympic sized-pool that beckons relaxation in style – all within steps of your front door.


Farmers Market

Imagine the wind on your face, the sun on your skin, you talk with a local farmer about the size and taste of this year’s harvest of peaches, as you pop a slice in your mouth. After tasting several different varieties, you choose your favorite one, walking away with a great memory of the farmer in your mind.

Farmers Market

Sustainable from the Ground Up  

Domaine at Villebois energy efficient homes are sustainably built, affordably priced and engineered to save you money. By using a science and best practices based approach to building sustainable homes, Domaine is healthy for the environment and may lower your energy bills.