Learn From Your Pets

Everything important in life I learned from my pet. Pets give us unconditional love and loyalty. The wonderful thing about animals is that they see beyond any faults and offer affection. Pets help us practice patience. Training and cleaning up after our pets teaches us to slow down and accept things for what they are. Pets teach us compassion. Caring for something other than ourselves is an act of service. Caring for an aging or rescued animal requires even greater compassion and understanding.

Pet Policy

A Man's Best Friend

Pets provide us with companionship. There is nothing more soothing than talking to our pets about our day and not having them judge us or even respond. They are always there when we need a friend to talk to. Spending quality time with a dog, cat or other animal can have a positive impact on our mood and our health. Pets can be calming stress-fighters. For some active people, that includes playing ball or Frisbee in the park. For others who can’t get outside, just petting your dog can help you feel connected.


Shower Your Pets With Love

It is in our nature to nurture. To have pets that truly rely on us for their well-being validates our purpose in life. We keep pets because we take pleasure in taking care of someone or something. Pets show us how to trust.  Our pets trust us to keep them safe and fed. Pets help us enjoy the little things. Their excitement and zest for life teaches us to enjoy every moment.

Arizona Doggie Doodie is available to help you remove pet waste and provide dog walking and sitting for your furry friend! University Animal Hospital and Banfied Pet Hospital are close by to ensure that nothing happens to your pet; making Galleria Palms the perfect location!


Social Magnets

Pets can help us connect with other people. We are much more likely to strike up conversations with strangers if there are pets involved.

We've got your pet covered; with Preppy Pet, Happy Pet Palace and Wiggles and Wags Pet Resort boarding facilities located near by. Pet Smart and Pet Club are conveniently located as well to ensure that your pet is always well taken care of! Take your cat to LaGattara Cat cafe, where they can mingle with other cats while you enjoy a cup of coffee with some friends.

More Meaningful Lives

People with pets are generally happier, more trusting, and less lonely than those who don't have pets. They also visit the doctor less often. That’s because pets give us a sense of belonging and meaning. It makes us feel like we have greater control of our lives.

Pets make us active. Whether it is taking our dog for a run, feeding the chickens, or chasing our cat around the house in a fun game of tag, our pets get us moving. And we all know activity keeps us physically and mentally happy.

Happy Pet. Happy Human.

Pets may help us live longer. Lowered blood pressure, lowered cholesterol, lowered heart rates. A growing number of studies are suggesting that pet owners live longer, happier lives. Make sure your pet is always looking its best, by going to Fancy Pets Grooming right down the street.

Life is sweeter with pets. With their funny quirks that make them like little furry people, and the way they rely on us and love us for who we are, our pets make life all the better and more whole.