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Beaverton has extensive bike paths and lanes running throughout the city. Thanks to the Bicycle Advisory Committee, biking Beaverton has never been easier. With a local Trimet transit center and easy access to the MAX Light Rail off of Lombard Avenue, the area is directly connected to Portland and an ideal satellite city for workers in Portland. A train line also runs through the city, connecting Beaverton with California and Canada via Amtrak.


Beaverton shares weather patterns with Portland, making it wet and cloudy in the winter months but hot and clear in the summertime. Annual rainfall is roughly 39 inches, and you'll almost never have to worry about snow in Beaverton with an average snowfall of just six inches. Temperature highs don't typically exceed 85 degrees and lows rarely dip below freezing, making it an ideal temperate environment for outdoor enthusiasts.

Major Employers

The Beaverton Area Chamber of Commerce is the best place to start if you're interested in a job in city limits. As part of Oregon's Silicon Forest, Beaverton is home to some major computer and electronics companies that include Tektronix, Inc. One of the area's absolute largest employers is Nike, with its World Headquarters housed on a large campus off of SW Jenkins Rd. Reser's Fine Foods also has a major production facility right down the street on Jenkins.


Central Beaverton

Central Beaverton is at the heart of the city and contains one of the area's largest shopping centers, Beaverton Town Square. You'll find a little touch of nature everywhere as Beaverton Creek runs directly through the center of the neighborhood. When you get done shopping you can have some fun at KingPins Family Entertainment Center or enjoy a quiet read at Powell's Books at Cedar Hills Crossing. Restaurant highlights include local American comfort food from Black Bear Diner.

Five Oaks/Triple Creek

You'd have to try to miss Waterhouse Powerline Park in the center of the Five Oaks Neighborhood. This expansive park is run through by Waterhouse Lake, and sports picnic areas, a soccer field, and miles of trails. One of the best local areas to play sports is Indoor Goals, an indoor soccer field and hockey rink that sees frequent local league play. With a local middle school at the line between Five Oaks and Triple Creek, this is an ideal neighborhood for families and those planning on starting them.

West Beaverton

West Beaverton is run through horizontally by Burntwood Park, this also connects to Mt. Williams Park. Those two parks cover about 5% of W. Beaverton, with another 5% of land reserved for the Lowami Hart Woods Natural Area. That coverage makes this a great neighborhood for anyone who likes to get outside. Natural areas aren't the only local protected landmarks, McMenamins Murray & Allen historical pub is also located in West Beaverton.

South Beaverton

S. Beaverton is another area where families can find local schools from kindergarten through high school. With a football field, soccer field, and four baseball fields, local Southridge High School is also located directly across from the Conestoga Recreation and Aquatic Center. This is predominantly a residential area, and you'll find rows of houses covering the entire neighborhood.

Denney Whitford/Raleigh West

East Beaverton features the Denney Whitford neighborhood to the south and Raleigh West to the north. You'll find some interesting activities in Raleigh West, like the Oregon Badminton Academy, where you can train and take classes. This neighborhood is also home to the famous Uwajimaya Beaverton, one of the area's best and largest Asian supermarkets. A large portion of the Denney Whitford neighborhood is filled by RedTail Golf Center. In addition to an 18 hole course, you'll find a full golf shop and academy that offers classes for juniors and adults.

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