Things to do in Portland's
Mississippi Neighborhood

Walk Score


Get outdoors in a Boise neighborhood park

Living in Inner Northeast Portland means you can walk to get any essentials—but those essentials aren’t limited to groceries, gas, and entertainment. People need nature, and spending time in green spaces has proven mental health benefits.

Tupelo Alley is just a 10 minute walk from the 10-acre Overlook Park and playground. In addition to paved paths for walking and an off-leash dog park for your pooch, the park also has sports courts and fields for basketball, soccer, baseball, and volleyball.

If you need nature now, Denorval Unthank City Park is just 4 blocks east of Tupelo Alley. At 4.5 acres, it still finds room for a baseball diamond and basketball court. The park is also home to Self Enhancement, Inc. Gymnasium, a non-profit center that provides recreation programs for underserved city youth.

Picnic Tables in Overlook Park


Grab a drink in NE Portland’s best bars.

A world away from johnny law

If you’re all jazzed up and want to maintain that era specific bar experience, stop by The Box Social. Modeled after a speakeasy, the Box Social call themselves a drinking parlour. With a romantic setting harkening back to hardwood, art deco, and a time when a stiff drink involved house-made bitters, you’ll be in for a real experience.

All that jazz and...cheesy bread?

Apartment living puts you in the middle of a city, and there isn’t a business that pulls out all the stops like your local Boise neighborhood bar. Some of the best are just a short block away including The 1905. This bar mixes two disparate elements—pizza, and jazz. Check out this month’s music lineup and take your pizza night to the next level.


A local bar on island time

Looking for a laid-back bar? Nothing says leave your pretenses at the door like the Alibi Tiki Lounge. Open since 1947, this bar doesn’t just serve fruit-laden cocktails in giant glasses, it serves your favorite hits. Karaoke is a blast, and you can perform every night at this tiki lounge. Call your friends, assemble the crew, it’s time to drink, sing, and be tiki.


Catch a show in North Portland

If you want entertainment in your backyard, nothing beats living so close to the famous Mississippi Studios and Bar. On the same block as Tupelo Alley, you’ll have front row access to one of Portland’s most intimate music venues.

With a rotating roster that doesn’t discriminate, you’ll see everything from hard-rock to country, electronic, soul, and indie music rolling through every month.


Surround yourself with
Mississippi Avenue's tastiest restaurants

If you think that’s an overstatement, you haven’t toured the Mississippi Ave neighborhood yet. There are restaurants within walking distance for every taste and palate. What are some of Tupelo Alley resident’s favorite places to eat?

  • Matt’s BBQ is perfect for a fast bite that doesn’t sacrifice flavor. Enjoy pit smoked brisket, Texas-style ribs, and all of the wonderful backyard side dishes you can handle.

  • When you live across the street, a wait list for one of the hottest breakfast spots in the neighborhood doesn’t faze you at all. Eat breakfast at Gravy, you’ll thank us after.

  • Skip the meat at the No Bones Beach Club. This vegan specific eatery understands that flavor-first food doesn’t need a meat-protein to satisfy on every level. The high reviews are well earned.