Nov 24, 2016

“This review is way over due! We've been here over a year and still love this place! True North is in a great location and within walking distance of Lake Union and Seattle Center as well as Herkimer Coffee (the BEST). The staff is always accommodating and so kind to our fur children. Upscale building with wonderful amenities, great location, friendly staff and pet friendly. ” Read more >

Nov 03, 2016

"Front desk is very personable and helpful. Really have enjoyed living here, everything is in walking distance. Great view of the Space Needle from the room." Read more >

Nov 13, 2016

“I love True North! I have a big German Shepherd and the dog run on the roof makes it so convenient for late night potty breaks, the staff are so dog friendly, the pizza oven, full kitchen, cozy couches and gaming area on the rooftop space are insane and so much fun for hosting friends. The staff really is amazing- from the maintenance staff to the associates working up front. Highly recommended. ” Read more >

Mar 05, 2016

“Had to take the time to write how amazing living at true north has been. Great apartment, amenities, staff and other residents in the building.” Read more >

Apr 13, 2016

Best staff I have ever encountered, amazing amenities, great bouldering wall, and the building aesthetic is a nice balance of rustic and contemporary that extends all the way through the units. Read more >

Mar 14, 2016

“Great place to live - the staff is the best. We moved "blind" never seeing the place from across the country and it was everything we had hoped it to be and more.” Read more >

Jul 21, 2016

“What a great spot! I love the outdoor theme of the building. It is also close to the water of Lake Union, Amazon campus and a short bus ride way to anywhere you want to go.” Read more >

May 14, 2015

“Everything about this place is amazing. The staff is second to none and beyond amazing.” Read more >

Apr 26, 2016

“I lived in True North for a six months, after taking over lease from a previous tenant. I would like to first express thanks, for the professional and helpful staff. They are simply awesome. Mrs. Hutten, the new property manager has really turned things around. The community is great, respectable and nice people live there. No loud parties or noises in the whole time.” Read more >

Aug 31, 2016

I've been at True North about 3 months now and have been so happy I made the move! This was one of the only apartments of its quality that also allowed me to have a huge German Shepherd without question, which is usually on the banned breed list across Seattle regardless of training or temperament...” Read more >

Nov 17, 2016

“I lived here for 1 year, and I have to say that was one of the best choices I’ve made. It's very clean, never seen any kind of bugs, and the staff is really nice and friendly. It was a walking distance from work as well as Lake Union. If I didn’t have to move to a different city, I would have happily stayed at True North forever.” Read more >

Apr 14, 2016

“I love the staff, the building, the proximity to other neighbors, and just the general vibe of being in SLU. The view from my living room is amazing and the architect really kept in mind the functionality of an apartment. I have ample amount of storage and the floor plan really flow. It's a great place to call home and my visitors really enjoy the building, too.” Read more >

Oct 02, 2015

“I have lived in True North for about a year now, and I would highly recommend anyone looking for an apartment in Seattle. The pros are…” Read more >