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Coen & Columbia

Studio - 3 Bedrooms

601 Columbia St. Vancouver, WA 98660

  • New & Renovated Units*
  • Air Conditioning
  • In-Unit W/D
  • Pet-Friendly
  • Central Location
  • Keyless Entry


Vancouver, WA is an incredibly connected city with multiple public transportation options. Residents are primarily served by Vancouver's own C-TRAN system, which is supplemented and connects to the regional Trimet bus system. The C-VAN transportation system provides an additional transport option for residents with a disability that prevents them from using the C-TRAN system. Access to Oregon and neighboring Portland is limited to the I-5 and I-205 bridges.


Though summer highs are consistently reaching new peaks, Vancouver, WA enjoys a mild temperature differentiation and while it technically has more precipitous days a year than Seattle, locals swear it's an all-around sunnier city. Yearly average highs peak at 82 degrees in August and fall to 34 degrees in December. There are an average of two inches of snow each year.

Major Employers

You won't be surprised to find that PeaceHealth is the largest employer in Vancouver, WA. With it's proximity to the Columbia River, the second biggest employer is the Bonneville Power Administration, a federal agency created in 1937 to market electric power from the Bonneville damn. BPA is followed closely by the Evergreen and Vancouver public school systems. Retail takes fifth place with the local Fred Meyer chain of retail stores employing roughly 1,700 people.


Esther Short

Esther Short Park is the heart of downtown Vancouver and hosts nearly every major event and festival in the city. Living in the Esther Short neighborhood means easy access to the local Community Library, Courthouse, and Historical Museum. You'll also enjoy a short walk to the historic Kiggins Theatre and great food on Main St including favorites like Elements and the La Bottega Cafe Deli.

Hudson Bay

The Hudson Bay neighborhood is named after the actual Hudson Bay company, which set up one of the first trading camps in the Pacific Northwest and constructed Fort Vancouver. This neighborhood is a historic one, featuring long tree-lined drives, open parks, and a wide range of older homes including those on Officer's Row. Locals frequently plane watch as the Pearson Field is open to the public and is commonly used as an instructional airstrip.

West Minnehaha

West Minnehaha is a packed N Vancouver neighborhood that offers some great wide open tracts and parks for nature lovers, several schools, and the feeling of being on a separate island from the rest of Vancouver. That oasis feeling has a lot to do with the 250-acre BPA Ross Substation that takes up a substantial portion of the neighborhood's NW corner. The station is right next to Ike Memorial Park, which features a gigantic 12-acre off-leash dog park. Local schools include Minnehaha Elementary and Lakeshore Montessori Schools.


The Cascade neighborhood group includes Cascade Park East, Park West, South East, and the Highlands. This group of neighborhoods is bisected by SE McGillivray Blvd and butts up against SE 164th, one of the major thoroughfares in E. Vancouver. Though it's largely residential, local parks include Homestead Neighborhood Park. Local musicians can take classes at Beacock Music and cinephiles will enjoy the latest movies at the Regal Cascade IMAX & RPX theater.

Northwest Vancouver

Northwest Vancouver is a unique mix of residential homes and industrial buildings. The Frito-Lay plant is right next to NW Vancouver on the west side of Fruit Valley Road and other industrial operations by the neighborhood include die casting and green energy companies. The neighborhood is cradled by Burnt Creek on its north side, and locals can access the northernmost trailhead at Burnt Bridge Creek Greenway. One common way to spend an afternoon is at the local Lakeview Par 3 golf course. Locals also frequent Franklin Park, as it takes up the very center of the NW Vancouver neighborhood.

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